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Support Kemp Town Enclosures

Kemp Town Enclosures is a communal garden, owned collectively by the freeholders of the 100 houses that make up the Kemp Town Estate. Developed in the 1820's by Thomas Kemp, the Estate consists of Sussex Square, Lewes Crescent, Chichester Terrace and Arundel Terrace. The Board of Management for Kemp Town Enclosures is voted in and an AGM is held every year.

We are always looking for help with funding our many projects. For example, the plinth for the Southern railings has been completed and we are looking for help to raise money to install the railings on the plinth. The Kemp Town Enclosures Committee continues to look to raise funds for the railings through individuals and charitable bodies, thus reinstating the position of Thomas Kemp's original railings.

We depend on the kind generosity of individuals for additional support.

We welcome your help

To contact the Committee regarding any aspect regarding supporting Kemp Town Enclosure and our projects to develop and maintain the gardens, please contact the Agents and registered office: