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The Kemp Town Enclosures are said to have inspired Lewis Carroll in his writing of Alice in Wonderland. A special key, dark hedges, a wrought iron fence, and of course, the brick tunnel descending from the cultivated gardens - all the ingredients for the perfect setting for the famed novel.

When he used to visit Brighton, the ivy-strewn tunnel in the Gardens fascinated Lewis Carroll and, accordingly, it is said to have been the inspiration for the hole through which Alice fell in Alice's Adventures In Wonderland, so starting her escapades with the Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts and the Cheshire Cat.

Lewis Carroll was a regular visitor to Sussex Square were one of his sisters lived at 11 Sussex Square, Brighton, between 1874 – 87. The Regency buildings Sussex Square, Lewes Crescent, Chichester Terrace and Arundel Terrace surround the private secluded gardens and hidden inside the garden is a tunnel entrance leading down below the seafront road and emerging at the balcony overlooking the beach.

We should also mention that the name of the road arcing around the location of Kemp Town Enclosures is Lewes Crescent, and we're keen on the theory that the road's name may have inspired one half of Reverend Charles Dodgson's pseudonym.

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