Legal Disclaimers

Kemp Town Enclosures have existed since 1823. Fashions and uses have changed over the intervening years. To cater for the changing demands, the increase in the numbers using the gardens and the occasional elements of anti-social behaviour it is necessary to bring our Regulations up to date.

We hope that the observance of these regulations will enable all residents to enjoy the different areas and aspects of the gardens – the mixture of families and children with quieter areas for reading and relaxing. It is most important to observe all the Health and Safety procedures.

Please read and comply with these regulations, and make sure your family and visitors do the same.

Kemp Town Enclosures Limited, Company Registration No: 3075043.

To contact the Committee regarding any aspect regarding Kemp Town Enclosure please contact the Agents and registered office:

Kemp Town Enclosures – Regulations of Use