• RobertH posted an update 1 year, 7 months ago

    The gardens are beautifully maintained – thank you to the gardeners and volunteers, and organisers much appreciated. What can be done to deter the one or two dog owners who think it is respectful to leave their bags of poo for the garden team to clear up. Seen such twice in last few days.

    • Yes, it is very, very difficult, isn’t it? We’ve provided bins for dog waste, so there is really no excuse for dog owners to behave irresponsibly. If they are disinclined to pick up after their dog, and there is no one around, there is very little we can do.

      • It is a shame and difficult. I guess the only remedy would be to confine dogs to the smaller North Garden or ban them completely – and that would be a shame. Let us hope a little publicity pricks peoples’ conscience.