National Garden Scheme

The south garden will be opened to the public on a limited basis on June 6 2019 under the aegis of the National Garden Scheme.   It will be a first, experimental, step towards making the gardens more accessible to the wider community.  More details will be provided at the AGM.


Many of you may have noticed an increase in the number of foxes in the gardens.  Jeremy can explain it – he is growing them in seed trays!

Sprinklers in the garden

The effect of the current sustained drought on the gardens is unhappily all too obvious – yellow lawns and withered shrubs and flora struggling to survive.  Some residents have expressed concern at the use of sprinklers at a time when parts of the country are already facing hosepipe bans. The water supply situation here is very different. At the present time Southern Water has not …

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A letter to dog owners

Re: Kemp Town Enclosures – Dog Policy. I am writing to you as a registered dog owner to ask your help.  People who register their dogs are mostly conscientious about complying with the dog registration conditions, by cleaning up after their dogs and by keeping their dogs on leads, and so on. However, in recent times, there has been a deterioration in the situation and, …

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Dog owners please…

  Patrick, our new Assistant Gardener, told me this morning that he is encountering more and more small packages containing dog shit. Please forgive the language; I can see no point in being coy about irresponsible dog owners who go to the trouble of cleaning up after their animals and then can’t be bothered to deposit the package into the recently provided dog bins, but …

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The Beast From The East

Jeremy fears that the magnificent echium fastuosum in Polly Binder might have succumbed to the Siberian winds that arrived in the form of the Beast From The East in March. At the moment it looks like it has been decorated with wet mops.  He bought the original plant at a small nursery in Cornwall and then grew the current version from seed.  There is a chance …

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Unexpected visitor

Unexpected Visitor

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]When Andy arrived for work today, he found an unexpected visitor in the stockade, comfortably ensconced on Jeremy’s chair![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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