Safety in the Gardens

Health & Safety

The Board of Directors of Kemp Town Enclosures aim to provide a safe workplace for our employees and a safe and enjoyable garden for the multiple and varied activities that users of the Enclosures (‘Users’) enjoy. To do this we need all Users to help us by behaving in a safe and sensible way.

The Enclosures do contain hazards, as does any garden or open space. By this article we hope to make you aware of the more obvious hazards you may come across and to remind you that some activities can be dangerous and could injure you or other Users.

This article can not include every hazard users may come across in the Enclosures. Please do your best to prevent accidents, to yourself and others. Your Board are all unpaid volunteers who have taken on considerable liabilities, which include criminal liabilities under some of the Health and Safety Legislation, by becoming Directors of Kemp Town Enclosures Limited. Please help us to keep the Enclosures a safe as well as an enjoyable place to be.

If you become aware of a hazard not mentioned here, or if an accident happens, please inform the Jonathan Rolls Office at 244 Eastern Road, Kemp Town – Telephone 01273 684997. Alternatively, inform a gardener or any of the Directors.


  1. The Board of Directors of the Company accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss, damage or injury unless attributable to their direct negligence and the Gardens are used entirely at your own risk. Nothing in these regulations is intended to limit liability for death or personal injury caused by the direct negligence of the Company or as otherwise limited by Law.
  2. The occupiers and their families and households living in Sussex Square, Lewes Crescent, Arundel Terrace and Chichester Terrace who have paid the annual Garden Rate shall be permitted to hold a key to the Enclosures. Any keyholder letting a non-keyholder into the gardens is responsible for their compliance with these regulations.
  3. Anti Social Behaviour, which must not take place in the gardens, includes (by way of example only) excessive noise, such as shouting and screaming, loud musical appliances and noisy toys or other appliances, and also drunken, disorderly, rowdy or threatening behaviour.
  4. Parties and similar social events for more than 20 (twenty) guests are permitted only with the prior approval of the board of directors through the agents. An application form with conditions should be completed which is available from the offices of Jonathan Rolls, 244 Eastern Road, Brighton, BN2 5TA – Tel: 01273 692531. The person responsible for the event must ensure that their guests are made aware of the Regulations, that no damage or annoyance is caused and that all rubbish is removed. There are to be no after-dark parties within the gardens or anti-social behaviour (Item 3). Private parties with the use of a marquee being erected in the gardens are allowed for up to 50 (fifty) guests only. This is by prior booking only with the agents and with the approval of the Board. Please see the application form to book a party.
  5. Barbeques are not allowed in any part of the gardens. Brighton Council allows barbecues on the beach after 6.00 pm for up to twenty people subject to certain Health and Safety rules, obtained from the Council’s website.
  6. Privately organised Fireworks are not permitted at all in the gardens.
  7. Dogs: All dogs exercised in the South Garden must be registered annually in January with the agents. The owners must abide by the registration rules which include keeping the dogs on leads and controlled at all times. The dogs’ excrement must be collected and taken to owners’ own dustbins; not thrown into the bushes or on the compost heaps. Dogs are not permitted in the North Garden or in the children’s play area.
  8. Parents must be responsible for the safety of their children at all times. Please see the notice displayed in the children’s play area in the case of an accident. Please ensure your children observe the regulations, do not cause a nuisance by being over boisterous or damage the trees, plants and seats etc.
  9. Games: No games shall be played which could cause injury or nuisance to other users or damage to the amenities. Please do not use cricket balls or other hard projectiles.
  10. Bicycles may not be ridden in the Enclosures
  11. Gates: All users of the Gardens must ensure that the gates are kept shut after entry or exit; they must not be left open for other persons to enter.
  12. Contravention of rules: Any person in breach of these rules may forfeit the right to use the Gardens and may be required to surrender their key to any member of the Board or their appointed representative, thereby ceasing to be entitled to a key. Please note that such persons or other occupants of their dwellings will not be issued with replacement keys.


Children using the Enclosures must at all times be supervised by a responsible adult. Climbing and swinging from trees is dangerous and as well as injuries from falling could cause branches to break and fall.

Children must not force their way through the vegetation above the tunnel as the drop is very steep in places and a fall onto the hard path leading to the tunnel could cause serious injury. We try to block paths made up here but the blockages are constantly removed or broken. Parents must not let their children play up here.

Children run about, and enjoy doing so. However, parents should appreciate that many of the paths are gravelled and a fall could cause injury. Please also remind your children often that a number of frail elderly people use the main paths and they must take care not to knock them over.

Keep the gates closed at all times. We constantly remind users to keep the gates closed, but we cannot guarantee they will not be left open so that children may be able to get into the road. Older children who are too large should not use the play area slide and young children could fall off, of fall through the structure when climbing up so close supervision is necessary here.

Although all dogs in the gardens should be registered and controlled on a lead sometimes users do not comply. Dog owners are required to remove their dog’s faeces, but dogs do use the gardens and urinate in them, and cats and wildlife including foxes and rabbits leave droppings. Obviously this does pose a health hazard and children should wash their hands after playing in the Enclosures, especially before eating.

Please ensure children do not eat any plants. Some are poisonous, such as foxglove, crocus and laburnum. There is also limited use of slug pellets and weed killers, which could be dangerous if eaten.


Kemp Town Enclosures is a working garden. Where work is taking place there may be tools where they may be tripped over and others that may be sharp. The tractor and grass cutter is noisy, and moves so should not be approached too closely. Please take care not to endanger a gardener who is up a ladder. This applies especially to running children.

Bonfires are only lit one or two times a year on still days when not many users are expected. Barriers are put up which must not be passed.

Spraying with horticultural chemicals also takes place occasionally, again on still days when the gardens are quiet and save for the paths and the bi-annual grass treatment in very local areas. Again, keeping clear of the gardeners at work is all that is necessary.

The stockade should not be entered at any time. The gate is padlocked when no-one is working and closed, usually with the padlock hooked through, when gardeners are working in the area. Tools and chemicals, which are dangerous to children and animals are kept within. Should any chemical be splashed on you, wash the affected area immediately with water. If any person has drunk consumed any chemical, call immediately for an ambulance and give the paramedics the can/bottle the poison was contained within.

The paths down towards the Tunnel are uneven and can be very slippery when wet. Please take extra care here.

BBQs are not permitted within the Kemp Town Enclosures

There are a number of frail, elderly people using the main paths and we ask parents to remind children to avoid them where possible. We also ask elderly users to please be beware of running children.

This article cannot include every hazard users may come across. Please do your best to prevent accidents, to yourself and others. Your Board are all unpaid volunteers who have taken on considerable liabilities, which include criminal liabilities under some of the Health and Safety Legislation, by becoming Directors of Kemp Town Enclosures Limited. Please help us to keep the Enclosures a safe as well as an enjoyable place to be.

Please see our Legal Disclaimers for full terms and regulations for using the Enclosures.