Dog Register

Dog Register

All dogs walked in the gardens must be registered with Jonathan Rolls, agents for Kemp Town Enclosures. The cost is £30 and covers the cost of the dog waste bins.

Sadly not all dog owners seem willing to pay their fair share and there are many reports of unregistered dogs being seen in the gardens.

Here is a list of all currently registered dogs:

KTE Dog Registry

Last updated: 14 June 2022

Name Breed Address
Chihuahua 1, Arundel Terrace
Miniature Dachshund 4, Arundel Terrace
Angus Scottish Terrier 4, Arundel Terrace
Schnauzer Cockerpoo 4, Arundel Terrace
Ferdinand Maltese Poodle Cross 6, Arundel Terrace
Benson Golden Retreiver 6, Arundel Terrace
Mr Run Baga Chihuahua 7, Arundel Terrace
Staffordshire Bull Terrier 9, Arundel Terrace
Bobi Bichon Frise Cross 2, Chichester Terrace
Sarge Border Terrier 7, Chichester Terrace
Scruff Border Terrier 7, Chichester Terrace
Gracie Mae Cross Breed 9, Chichester Terrace
Toffee Yorkshire Terrier 9, Chichester Terrace
Iggy Golden Retriever 12, Chichester Terrace
Alice Mixed Breed 13, Chichester Terrace
Portia Greyhound 1, Lewes Crescent
Apollo Greyhound 1, Lewes Crescent
Kira Podenco 2, Lewes Crescent
Leo Shih-Poo 2, Lewes Crescent
Rocky Schnoodle 2, Lewes Crescent
Belle Chihuahua 2, Lewes Crescent
Tuppence Chihuahua 2, Lewes Crescent
Luna Cockapoo 3, Lewes Crescent
Gud Lucas Terrier 6, Lewes Crescent
Ragna Greyhound 6, Lewes Crescent
Manny Cross Breed 7, Lewes Crescent
Ferris Border Collie 13, Lewes Crescent
Otto Tibetan Spaniel 13, Lewes Crescent
Chewie Tibetan Spaniel 13, Lewes Crescent
Lara Golden Retriever 17, Lewes Crescent
Jasper Cockapoo 17, Lewes Crescent
Lola Labradoodle 18, Lewes Crescent
Humphrey Sausage Dog 18, Lewes Crescent
Lottie Cocker Spaniel 19, Lewes Crescent
Bez Staffordshire Bull Terrier 20-22, Lewes Crescent
Dolby Golden Retriever 23, Lewes Crescent
Alfie French Bulldog 41, Rock Grove
Skipper Cockapoo 3, Sussex Square
Dot Parsons Terrier 5-6, Sussex Square
Milo Pug 5-6, Sussex Square
Freddie Pug 5-6, Sussex Square
Merlin Beddlington Whippet 7, Sussex Square
Connie Jack Russell / Border Collie Cross 7-8, Sussex Square
Spike Boston Terrier 7-8, Sussex Square
Alma German Shorthaired Pointer 10, Sussex Square
Vita Suluki 11, Sussex Square
Skye Brindle Lurcher 12, Sussex Square
Charlie Pomerianian 18, Sussex Square
Lobito Sprocker Spaniel 18, Sussex Square
Daisy British Bulldog 27, Sussex Square
Chahan Shiba Inu 28, Sussex Square
Juno Carpathian Shepherd Cross 30, Sussex Square
Bertie Miniature Dachshund 31, Sussex Square
Oscar Miniature Dachshund 31, Sussex Square
Pepper Chihuahua 34-35, Sussex Square
Storm Labrador 37, Sussex Square
Lexi Great Dane 41, Sussex Square
Pepper Shih-Poo 46, Sussex Square

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