Dog owners please…


Patrick, our new Assistant Gardener, told me this morning that he is encountering more and more small packages containing dog shit. Please forgive the language; I can see no point in being coy about irresponsible dog owners who go to the trouble of cleaning up after their animals and then can’t be bothered to deposit the package into the recently provided dog bins, but leave it for the gardeners to dispose of.  It is thoughtless, rude and utterly unforgivable behaviour.  There is also one (probably only one) owner who does not clean up at all and leaves the shit in the middle of the path.  If this person could be identified, the Board would be delighted to relieve him or her of their key.

I have told Patrick that if he sees dog owners behaving irresponsibly, he should remonstrate forcibly with them and that the Board will back him up completely.

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