Jeremy’s garden report for April/May

The main task this month has been keeping the borders weeded. At this time of year the weeds start growing at full pace and there is still plenty of empty space for them to grow into before the other plants fill out and crowd out the weeds. So it’s important to take out as many weeds as possible to give the other plants a chance.

We’ve also been busy in the poly tunnel sowing seeds and potting on seedlings to put out in the garden in a few weeks time.

You might have noticed that there are two handsome new benches in the garden that have been generously donated by residents. There is also another one that will probably be coming soon.

What is not such good news is that our garden thief has returned and taken more plants. It’s not a lot of plants and it is mostly newly planted ones. Probably the person thinks I don’t notice, but it’s not always easy or  economical to replace a few plants that have been delivered as part of a big order. So the border ends up looking like a smile with a few missing teeth.

Some people have reported that the dog poo bins have occasionally been overflowing after a busy weekend, particularly the one on the East side by the double gates. They are emptied every Tuesday, but if this becomes a persistent problem we might have to look at having them emptied more regularly during the summer.

The waste removal company came today and removed  two lorry loads of non-burnable waste from the bonfire area.

The contractor was going to come to treat the lawn in April, but unfortunately the weather turned against him as he can’t do it when its windy or wet. He will hopefully come next next week.

Looking ahead I’m excited that in May there will be some ecologists coming to do a phase 1 habitat survey of the garden. They will look into what fauna and flora we already have in the garden to help us understand how we can protect and support as much biodiversity as possible.

The post that holds up the gate up into the stockade will need to be replaced as it has rotted at the base. Because of the weight of the gate and the size of the post I think this is something we need to get a fencing firm in to do.

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