The AGM will be held on Saturday, January 18 2020 at 10.30 am at Brighton Waldorf School on the corner of Whitehawk Road and Roedean Road.

Janine will update the meeting on the progress of plans for the Bicentennial celebrations.

The Board is also proposing two important changes to the garden rules, as outlined below:

Access to the gardens by holiday visitors

At recent AGM’s residents have raised problems arising from the use of the gardens by holiday visitors, for example, by visitors inviting others to join them in parties, by bringing in unregistered dogs, leaving bottles, litter or dog mess in the gardens, playing ball games where they are not permitted, playing loud music or using drones.

Residents of houses which make the annual contribution to the gardens’ upkeep are entitled to have keys to the gardens, provided that they abide by the garden rules. Unfortunately, some residents have interpreted that right to include access to the gardens by their paying guests. And so it is that we have people who let their flats to holiday visitors, loaning out their keys and giving their holiday tenants access to the gardens. Problems have arisen from this practice where visitors are unaware or feel unconstrained by the rules which residents are expected to observe in their use of the gardens.

As a step towards tackling this problem, the Board is proposing to alter the garden rules to require residents who wish to bring guests into the gardens to accompany their guests and to be responsible for their behaviour while they are there.

Events open to members of the public

The board would also like to change the rules to make sure that any events, be they activities, events or garden tours, to which members of the public are invited, are subject to prior approval. This is because KTE is potentially liable for the safety and well-being of people entering the gardens. Although it has insurance cover, KTE would be expected to have assessed the risks that such events may pose and satisfied itself that the tour or activity leader was aware of those risks and would take steps necessary to mitigate them. For this reason and for the protection of residents and the gardens from inappropriate access and use, events to which members of the public are to be admitted would require prior approval from the office.

Formal notices follow




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Your Board Needs You!

Since the AGM in 2023, we have lost four key members from the Board of Directors.

The Board therefore welcomes residents interested in joining the board to submit their CV and a statement of what their skills would contribute to the skill set of the board by the 24th of March.

The Board would also welcome enquiries and would be happy to discuss what being a member of the Board of KTE entails,
in advance of the submission deadline.