New Board Members

New Board Members

Our Chair of ten years, Mark Harper has had to stand down through pressure of work and family commitments, and at the same time our Treasurer, Ian Clegg, has had to resign because of a serious health condition. We are grateful to them both for their contributions and we wish them well. The vacancies on the board have been filled by June Mawby of Lewes Crescent and Amanda Catron of Arundel Terrace. June brings an artist’s eye to her appreciation of the gardens and we hope that her outgoing nature and frequent conversations with other garden users will help keep the board in touch with issues of concern. Amanda’s work as an insurance expert brings to the board specialist knowledge of risk management which, with our mix of manual work, machinery, children playing, weed spraying, and elderly people promenading, requires careful oversight.  

June and Amanda join Lucy Graubart, Matthew Evans of Jonathan Rolls and Andrew Doig as board members.

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